Professional Development for Educators

Bring The Lesson To Life

What It Is

This workshop is designed for educators interested in learning how to infuse creative storytelling techniques into their lesson plans.  Using various games and exercises, we will tap into our inner thespian and develop the skills necessary to create dynamic learning experiences.  Stories can transport us to another world, where we discover fascinating characters and new experiences. They encourage us to to use our imaginations, one of the most powerful tools for learning and growing. Using the V.I.P. Method — which emphasizes Variation, Imagination, and Participation — we will become V.I.P storytellers!

How It Works

Capacity: 6-24 Participants

Location: Your school or professional development venue

Duration: 90 Minutes

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“Usually, I dread going to professional development days because the trainings can be so dry, uneventful and redundant. It was so fun to focus on a part of teaching that is exciting; it reminded me how much I love watching my students enjoy and understand literary concepts and enjoy the process of storytelling. It also served as a great team building exercise as it caused us all to be a little more vulnerable and trust each other to be silly!”

Brittany Fogarty - K-5 EC Teacher, Iredell Charter Academy

“The workshop was great! I love how Christian had us do concrete practice and then moved into theory and putting the theory into practice.  That is how we think about early-childhood education too, so it was perfect!”

Yäel Stempfelet - Director, Vets Kids Imagine Early Learning Center

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