The Tortoise and The Hare



- What was your favorite part about this story?
- What did the Tortoise do that made him win the race?
- What does it mean to brag? Is bragging a good thing to do?


Make a path on the floor using painter’s masking tape. Be creative and make different shapes and colors. Once you’ve designed your trail, run down it or have a race. Don’t forget to make a big splash at the end! Take it to the next level by adding obstacles: pillows, chairs, blankets, etc.


The Tortoise and The Hare is a story told in so many different ways: books, dances, songs, and puppetry (of course!). Create your own theatre adaptation of this story. Make costumes using paper plate masks and other recycled materials. Which objects at home can be used to create a tail? Or a tortoise shell? Does your mask have big ears? Act out your story making sure to give each character a different voice. Take a video of it to show to friends and family. Have fun and take it one step at a time!