The Thirsty Crow



- Why couldn’t the crow reach the water in the jug?
- What did she do to solve the problem?


Watch the performance once and then when you watch it again, act it out! Practice flying around your house like a crow in search of water. Spread your arms out and flap them in your own unique way. If your neighbors don’t mind, try having a caw-mpetition (see who makes the best “caw” sounds).


This story is all about problem-solving and crows are excellent problem-solvers! Do a water displacement activity at home:

- Fill a clear cup or clear jug with a little bit of water about halfway.
- Gather some small objects that will fit into your cup or jug such as pebbles, ice, or small toys.
- Make predictions about how many objects it might take to bring the water to the top.
- Drop your objects in one at a time and watch the water level rise.
- Once the water is to the top, take a sip and caw just like the crow!

Have old bottles/cups you’re not using? Decorate the outside of them with markers, stickers, or collage materials. You can attach a strap to it and turn it into a “desert canteen”.