The Grass and The Tree



- Read the original Aesop Fable (“The Oak and The Reeds”) and discuss how the two versions differ.
- Do you remember a time when things didn’t go your way? Do you think applying the Grass’s message of “bend with the wind” could have helped you get through that difficult time?
- Are there similarities between this story and The Tortoise and The Hare? If so, what are they?


Play The Grass and The Tree song (along with other music) and have a dance party! Take turns moving like the different characters. How does the Grass dance? How about the Tree? How do they differ? ADD A PROP: Attach a ribbon to a pencil (or dowel if you have one); ribbon wands are a great way to represent the wind while you dance.


Grow your own grass seeds! Begin by poking three small holes in the bottom of a paper cup. Decorate your cup using collage materials, markers, or other recycled paper products – you can even give your cup a face if you want to create a character with grassy hair! Fill the cup with potting soil and poke a small handful of grass seeds into the soil, about a quarter of the way down. Place it in a sunny window, and check daily to see if it needs a drink of water (you want the soil to retain moisture). Observe the grass growing each day, and log the progress by taking photos or drawing pictures. Let The Grass and The Tree help you develop a green thumb.