Little Speckled Frogs



- Introduce “subtraction” as a math term. “Subtraction is taking one number away from another” – how many frogs were on the log at the beginning of the video? When one jumped into the “pool” how many were left on the log?
- Did you know frogs catch bugs with their tongue? A frog’s tongue is about a third of the length of its body – that’s like having a tongue that can reach your belly button! Can you imagine that?


A classic game of Leap Frog is a great gross motor activity. There are so many ways to play Leap Frog, find one that’s fun for you: “ribbit” as you leap over another frog or pretend to catch a bug in the air as you leap. Be creative and make it your own. You can have leaping contests. Measure the distance of your leap by putting an object where you landed. Who can leap the furthest?


Tightly roll a thin strip of paper around a pencil and unravel it. When you do, it should look like a wobbly frog tongue, like the frogs in the video. You can glue it to your own drawing of a frog to give it a 3D tongue!